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The Charlie group

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What We Can Do For You


Things We Can Do For You

The Charlie Group provides services to make the real estate process easy

Main area Service

Asset Management

At TCG, we strategically position each asset to maximize its potential through leasing, marketing and management. In developing and implementing these strategies, we maintain and add value to our properties, which translates directly to our investors’ bottom lines.

Main area Service

Construction and Renovation Management

TCG  has in-house construction and development managers who expertly oversee the planning, design and construction of projects from conception through delivery. We successfully manage our own projects while also selectively providing third party construction management services to clients and investors.  We target a broad spectrum of development projects, from ground up to historic rehabilitation and from commercial properties to residential communities. Our competitive advantage stems from our own strategic positioning, small enough to move rapidly when an opportunity presents itself but robust in expertise and resources.

Main Area Service

Leasing and Property Management

TCG provides operational management and works directly with third party brokers on leasing for its own portfolio of properties. Residential properties are enhanced by a property management team focused on day‑to‑day operations. TCG’s residential experts work at overseeing operations and directing leasing and marketing efforts, to strategically position assets to maximize financial and operational performance.

Main Area Service


TCG actively pursues the acquisition of commercial and residential properties for redevelopment and repositioning. Vertical integration allows us to add value at any point in the life cycle of a property. Our experience and expertise have helped us build a track record of success across multiple property types and economic cycles.

Main Area Service

Legal Support Services

As a full-service real estate company TCG provided multiple in house support services including staff qualified and licensed to provide document preparation, title services and legal representation

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