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The New Eastside Market

The New Eastside Market, LLC is located in a food desert (the historic Glenville neighborhood, City of Cleveland, OH). Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. (NEON) will lease the 20,000 square ft. facility from the city of Cleveland, Ohio and sublet it to multiple business enterprises such as the New Eastside Market, LLC., 4K Programs, and a self-operated health and nutrition center.

Providence Park (Euclid, Oh)

The Providence Park Project is the comprehensive development of 68 acres of land located in Euclid, Ohio . The vision for the project is best characterized as a model for a sustainable, healthy neighborhood development, where natural and historic resources are preserved, jobs are available, physical activity is encouraged, residents are secure, education is lifelong, health care is accessible, and each community resident is inspired to be healthy and enjoy opportunities to improve the quality of their lives.

Incubator Kitchen

Located at East 137th and St. Clair Avenue, bordering the Glenville and Forest Hills neighborhoods (and in close proximity to the Collinwood neighborhood), the Incubator Kitchen is an extension of the New East Side Market, LLC. The Incubator Kitchen will offer an industrial sized facility that provides the space and equipment for catering and cooking start-up enterprises to launch their businesses.

NEON Veteran's Housing & Support Services

NEON Veteran Housing and Support Services, LLC (NVHSS) is a partnership between Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services and the Cuyahoga Land Bank.  The mission of NVHSS is to offer permanent housing and supportive services to homeless veterans and their families in the greater Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan Area.  In July of 2017 NVHSS broke ground on the first phase of the NVHSS Initiative, a housing development in the Collinwood Neighborhood. The first phase of the initiative features six, three bedroom, two-level row houses.   This development will provide housing to eligible Veterans and their families, with additional support and health services provided by NEON’s Collinwood Health Center conveniently located adjacent to the new housing development.

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